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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What extended stats do I have on my database?

I've been starting to work with Extended statistics to help the optimizer find the best plan. This is a great feature that is outlined by @sqlmaria (Maria Coogan) here.

But once you create extended statistics, how do you know what is there ?  I wrote this query to find out what function based indexes, what extended statistics, and what their definition are. 

Here is my script.

column table_owner alias "owner" format a15
column table_name alias  "Table Name" format  a30
column function_index alias  "F Index" format  a8
column Index_name  alias  "Index Name"  format a30
column data_default alias  "Definition"  format a50
set pagesize 1000
select table_owner,
        nvl2(index_name,'YES','NO') function_index,
select owner table_owner,table_name,
(select distinct index_name from dba_ind_columns b where a.column_name=b.column_name and a.owner=b.index_owner and a.table_name=b.table_name) index_name
-- ,     DBMS_LOB.SUBSTR( to_lob(data_default),100,1)
 from dba_tab_cols a
  where virtual_column='YES' and hidden_column='YES'  and (owner not in ('SYS','WMSYS','XDB','SYSMAN','MDSYS','EXFSYS','PR_MDS') and owner not like 'APEX_%')
order by table_owner,table_name;

and this is what the output looks like..

TABLE_OWNER     TABLE_NAME                     FUNCTION INDEX_NAME                     DATA_DEFINITION
--------------- ------------------------------ -------- ------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------
BGRENN          TAB_SCHR_PERD                      NO                                  COALESCE("COL1","COL2")
BGRENN          TAB2                              YES   IDX_TAB2                       "COL1"||' '||"COL2"
BGRENN          TAB3                               NO                                  COALESCE("COL1","COL2")
BGRENN          TAB4                              YES   IDX_TAB4                       COALESCE("COL1","COL2",0)
BGRENN          TAB4                              YES   IDX_TAB4                       COALESCE("COL3",0)
BGRENN          TAB5                              YES   IDX_TAB5                       COALESCE("COL1","COL2",0)
BGRENN          TAB6                              YES   IDX_TAB6                       NVL("COL1",(-1))
BGRENN          TAB6                              YES   IDX_TAB6                       NVL("COL2",(-1))
BGRENN          TAB6                              YES   IDX_TAB6                       NVL("COL3",(-1))
BGRENN          TAB6                              YES   IDX_TAB6                       NVL("COL4",'x')
BGRENN          TAB7                              YES   IDX_COMPOSITE                  "COL1"
BGRENN          TAB7                              YES   IDX_COMPOSITE                  "COL3"

Notice the Function colunmn. This is a "YES" or "NO" depending on if this is a function based index, or just extended statistics.

This should help tell where your extended statistics are in your database.

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