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Saturday, March 10, 2012

IOUG Real World Performance tour

Last Thursday the Real World Performance Tour came to Rochester, NY.

I know what you're probably thinking. One of 2 things.

1) Why did it come there, aren't you a suburb of NYC (we are actually about a 7 hour drive from NYC)
2) Why there ?  Did the cows enjoy it ?

We we had a huge turnout. There were about 90 people in attendance.  For this area, that is one of the biggest attendence I have every seen. Especially since it was a paid event, and the lunch was boxed.

The Tour consists of three individuals

1) Tom Kyte... He needs no explaination.

2) Andrew Holdsorth -  Head of the real world performance team.  As a point of full disclosure, I've had a couple of meetings with Andrew in the past, so I already have discussed some of the topics with him in those meetings. 

3) Graham Wood -  Oracle Database Architect in database development.  He is the person responsible for AWR reports.

The day was broken up in 2 halfs.  The morning concentrated on how to manage a data warehouse, and the afternoon concentrated on OLTP.  Of course the approach to both of these areas is different.

The morning covered a number of topics, especially concentrating on the challenges of a data warehouse.

Hash joins vs Nested loops
indexing vs FTS.

Some of the presentation talked about HCC and the exadata, but I would say in general only about 10-20% was exadata specific. No sales pitch, just reasons why it helps..

The afternoon was dedicated to the issues revolving around an OLTP system.  A lot of it covered the material in the youtube video narrated by Andrew on the connections pooling, and how it affects performance.

It was a great day, and there was a lot of great material.. I have talked to Andrew before, and I've seen his videos, but I still got a lot out of the day.

If it is coming to your city, it is definately worth going to.

Here are some links to check out.

Here is Tom's presentation, but like most good presentations, the slides miss a lot.

Here are the Youtube videos from Andrew .. Thanks Andrew for creating these !

And finally, here is the upcoming schedule of events.

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