Monday, October 2, 2017

Creating Popup windows on your Apex Page

I have been playing with Apex for an internal application  Application Express is a great tool, and Oracle has an internal Apex environment that groups can use for their own internal applications.

In creating the application I learned how to do a Javascript window that pops up within a page to help enter data. This can be very useful to add a function to your application without adding more pages.

This is how its down..

First I created a table to contain breweries..  Since this is running on 12.1, I was able to use the new feature to automagically use a sequence as a default value (it's about time right) ?

Here is my table creation script..

 START WITH     1000

Create table breweries
(brewery_id number default brewery_seq.nextval primary key,
         brewery_name varchar2(255),
         Brewery_rating number);

So first I did was create a new region on the a new page.

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