Sunday, June 24, 2012

Taking a career change

Well, I have decided to make a change and take a job with oracle.  I am very excited about this move, and I look forward to being more involved in big data.  As any of you know (who have read my blog posts), I have taken a strong interest in this area.  I know I'm not the only one.  You probably have heard the terms  "Data Scientist"...   Hadoop...  R..  These are all the areas that I'm going to be delving into in my new position.
  I will continue to blog, probably mostly about the same topics I blog about now.  I am looking forward to this change, and becoming part of this evolution.  Many people are saying that Big Data is the next big change (like the internet),  whether this is true or not, we shall see. 


  1. Cool, congratulations!

    What will your new position be? Pre-sales or?


    1. I will be pre-sales. My focus area is going to be Exadata, but with big data exploding, I am expected to learn about the Big Data Appliance, and anything else that may come along in the Big Data Space.
      It is exciting for me, as it will give me the opportunity to work with customers and find a solution that works for them.