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Thursday, January 12, 2012

AWR compare script

I don't know if anyone else has seen this, but with 12c, you can't compare before and after AWR reports.  I found this quite annoying so I used the oracle scripts, and tweaked them.. Here is the script I use.

Here are the really intesting, that you can use for any AWR period compars.

   define  num_days     = 0;
      define  dbid         =1595564914; 
      define  instance_numbers_or_ALL    = 'ALL';
      define  begin_snap   = 47097;
      define  end_snap     = 47111;
      define  num_days2    = 0;
      define  dbid2        = 1342862996;
      define  instance_numbers_or_ALL2    = 'ALL';
      define  begin_snap2  = 45907;
      define  end_snap2    = 45921; 
      define  report_type  = 'html';
      define  report_name  = /tmp/awr_gg.html
      define top_n_files        = 50;
      define top_n_segments     = 50;
      define top_n_services     = 50;
      define top_n_sql          = 100;

Note all the Juicy goodies..  I am choosing 'ALL' for the instances in my RAC cluster.  Also notice I am overriding the number of top sql, and other things in this file.  The default number of top sql is never enough

This can be very useful to get a more meaningful AWR report in a rac environment.

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