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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hadoop (again)

I know I've blogged in the past that I am working on implementing Hadoop. Here are 3 articles that should explain why.


This is a great article from the NY times, explaining that sensors are turning up everywhere. Of course more sensors mean more data! Lots more data. So how do we collect all this data and process it ?? Calxeda !! These are 5 watt processors that can be scaled up to thousands of nodes (yes I said THOUSANDS). And I know what you are saying. So what do we do this data ? So what ?

Here is a great article on how to tie it all together.

So there you are.. I think this is the vision of the future, and if you are not looking at these technologies, and how they tie together, you are missing the next big leap that is happening in the IT field. Our jobs as IT specialists will become even more important as we become an integral part of all our companies (whatever it is) business process.

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