Friday, October 14, 2011

Grid control 12c

I've been spending my week playing with Grid Control 12c. I know it has only been out just over a week, but I was very excited to see if it is that much better than grid 11g. My company is currently rolling out Grid 11g, and I wanted to see if we should be pushing for grid 12c right on it's heels.

I am extremely impressed with this product, so much so that I set up a virtual environment with Grid 12c to check it out.

I've spent the last couple of days getting my exadata configured in grid 12c. After a couple of false starts (and reinstalling of the agent) I finally got it up and running. These are my lessons learned
  • First discover your database nodes, and make sure the name you use is the default fully qualified name.
  • Add the database machine as a target, and make sure you have all the passwords including the nm2user on the IB switches (password is changeme), and you also need the id and password for the PDU (admin/admin).
Once you get these all set, Grid 12c will recognize your machine, and you will see wonderous things. Here are 2 example screens from an exadata..

The first one shows the IB traffic through the switch,

The second one shows the combined load on the Storage cells.

Even if you don't have an exadata, here is my favorite ASH analytics. Notice the timeframe is very small.

It is definately worth checking out.

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