Monday, October 3, 2011

10 x 10=100. Larryisnm's from oow11

I wanted to put down my impressions on the big announcements at openworld this year. First is Exalytics.. Analyitics at the speed of throught. This is an intriguing product, and I can definately see the uses for applications where real time analytics is key. I think for most of us, this appliance is going to be out of our range. I know I don't know of any business cases. No prices was mentioned either. Second was EM grid 12c. Now this was pretty impressive. I was surprised on all the enhancements that was put into it. It really seems to do a nice job of centralized for Cloud support. I was especially impressed with the virtualization pieces. The provisioning, and support of virtual environments is a great component. It is also a very big carrot for those companies turning to virtualization, and aren't sure whether to choose VMware or Oracle VM. Big Data Appliance. - This one I am waiting to see more specs on. it looks interesting, but what is the licensing model ? I can't believe that there is no software licensing (other than OS pieces). All these are interesting announcments, but I think the 12c features was the most interesting to me. IF only the documentation was available I would install it right now.

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