Saturday, April 16, 2011

pin x wait on s wait event

Chances are you've stumbled onto my website because you are searching for the keywords "pin x wait on s" "wait" "event" and "parsing".

Well I have been fighting a fire for the last 2 weeks in our performance enviroment on just these "keywords".

We have been doing our testing by sending through a set workload with very similar processing needs.  This workload is date sensitive, so it has been a challenge to keep moving dates and retesting. Recently, we have begin utilzing "flashback database" for our testing.. This has great promise for getting consistent testing done!
You run through your test case scenario, and capture your performance data.  You flashback to the start point, make the change, then run through the same exact scenario. Pretty cool huh ?

Well all this was going as planned.  We ran our processing, saved AWR data, and reran.  Suddenly we started seeing these "pin x wait on S" events holding up processing for minutes at a time. Where did these come from ? was it the release ??  We had to dig in and find out.

Well here is some background.
  • Our queries are very, very complex.  They often take ~ 1000ms to parse (1 second), and 4ms to execute.
  • flashback will flush your cache, kind of obvious, but pertinent to my situation.
  • Our processing is very structured, and sends multiple processing streams through the same steps in the same order
So what was happening ?  Well it turns out that this is caused by hard parsing multiple duplicate sql (probably 50+ in our case) simultaneously.  This wait event is Oracle trying to parse the first sql statement, and having all the others wait.  This parse queing doesn't do well with sql of this complexity, and it throws off the parsing causing these wait events.

Just wanted to pass this on, that if you see this event, and you are doing similar testing, look at the complexity of the queries, and consider hard simultaneous parsing of the same sql as the cuplrit.

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