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Friday, April 8, 2011

Exadata class

This week I attended "exadata and database machine admintration" class.  It was a good class, but they usually are from OU.

This class covers a lot of material in 3 days and it is a good intro to what it's going to be like managing an exadara.  Take heed to the prerecs.  They aren't manditory, but knowing about RAC and grid is necessary to understand how Exadata implements those pieces.

For those who might attend, my advice is do more with dbcontrol,  The class doesn't say much about dbcontrol or grid control.

Well to start at the beginning the class is in a virual environment, Each student has their own virtual 1/4 rack with 1 cpu per node,  This works out well because everyone has their own isolated environment.  This environment has a database with the sh default schema.

In order to get the most out of the class
1) I changed database password for sys,system,dbsnmp,and sysman.
2) I recreated the password file.
3) I installed dbcontrol (dbca)
4) I set up ssh keys for celladmin, and cellmonitor to go to each cell from the oracle account.  Be aware that to set up ssh for cellmonitor, copy the keys as root and change permissions.  The cellmonitor account has very little privileges,
5) I created my own account in asm and granted sysasm to it.

After doing all this I was able to start up dbcontrol and connect to my virtual environment,  This gave me a great view into how the disks were configured, and I was able to add the exadata cells to dbcontrol.

I think having dbcontrol set up made the class much more useful so I could visually see all the items newly available on the exadata.

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