Sunday, March 13, 2011

Social media and being an oracle professional

First I have to admit I'm old. I went to college at a time when card decks were still being used. Those were simpler times. You would submit your program on a deck of punch card, go out for the night, and you get the output the next day. There were numerous advantages to this.

The professors didn't expect you to code and debug through the night.. It just wasn't possible.

You couldn't be sloppy. If you didn't syntax check, and debug your code in your head you would get lots of output back that would require rework. Rework with a 24 hour turnaround time gets old fast.

There were very few resources and very few people to turn to.

Times have changed since then. There is a lot of places to find great information. Here are just a few.

Linked In Groups.. There is a great Exaata groups

Blogs. Most people who are famous in our industry blog

Twitter - Follow the people you like on twitter.

All this Social media really helps to keep up-to-date on what is happening. You don't have to feel all in alone in figuring out whether Huge pages is worth it, or how to deal with the problems with a new feature.

I have turned to these media a couple of times lately and been amazed that some of the top people have answered my questions.. Most recently Tanel Podor answered my question on Huge pages, and Tweeted to me that he is happy to answer any question that I tweet him. Here is his answer

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