Thursday, March 24, 2011

Duplicating an ODI interface module

Here I am day 4 in my ODI class and I am on my quest to copy all the wrh$ performance data to a central repository. I think after this day in class I have all the tools to create jobs to do this.

Of course, being a curious recycle consious individual, I tried to reuse some of code. Specifically I tried to export a interface to an XML file, and do a replace all of the table name to the next table, then import the interface with the new name !! Everything looked good with the mapping, until I looked at the name of the Primary Key. It still had the primary key name from the original interface. This means that there must be some "hooks" from the interface XML document to other related objects in the database.. Oh well..

It looks like for now I will be creating interfaces for the objects I need to pull into my repository.

I have been very impressed with the flexibility of the product, and the way I can easily reuse it to add another source system.. Since I'm going to be pulling from 15+ sources flexibility is important.

I'm also going to be using APEX as the front end of all this data. WIth some simple tools like ODI, and APEX, a DBA type can do some serious reporting !

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