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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SCAN (single client access name)

If you didn't know it, there is a new feature in 11.2 Grid called SCAN.  Here is a link to a little more information .

The reason I thought I should mention this, is that scan is a new concept you have to deal with when you upgrade/install 11.2 grid.. There is no getting around it in the installation.  It is possible to disable it however once you install it.

My suggestion on using it, is to move slowly.. There is still a lot of old clients out there that have hard time with scan, so you might find that your client won't connect the "new way"..  It is also very persnickity,.. I've seen some installations where the DNS resolution (files,dns), has thrown it off too.. For a new application, you can work through issues as you get ready to deploy, but for existing apps I would recommend you plan some time in your upgrade schedule to work through issues (or plan on disabling it).

Just  a word to the wise :)

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