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Monday, October 18, 2010

Infiniband coming to a town near you

As the Exadata takes off (I've heard it is REALLY taking off), more and more vendors are opening their eyes to the bottleneck of I/O.

You are going to see some other solutions come to the market that are infiniband based. You are also going to see more solutions like the Storage Cell's.. Just look at the IBM XIV ! they have storage cells just like the exadata with large caches. The concept is catching on..

But what does the Exadata have besides the obvious ? It has the ability to parallelize the I/O at the storage level.. I'm sure you going yea. I knew that.. but think about it.

a) Exadata.. run a non-parallel query that does a FTS on a 5tb table. You will marshall all the resources of the I/O from a single query on a single NODE

b) XXXXXX.. Run a non-parallel query, and you only will be able to marshall all the I/O that the single CPU can handle.

Sure you can build an Exadata like solution, but in order to utilze the power of the storage/infiniband subsystem you need to parallelize across multiple CPU's.. This uses a lot of CPU's, and parallization might not be the best plan for all queries.

In my mind, this is big bonus of the exadata.. Parallize or not, you can do FTS's at 20.8g/s

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