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Friday, October 1, 2010

Exadata storage Software

How else should I spend a Friday night, other than drinking hard cider, and running performance numbers on the Exadata storage software.

This is my dive into the storage software and WOW is it impressive.. I am selecting from a 200+ million row table (no indexes).. Without storage software it takes 3 minutes to scan the whole table.. really impressive. Then with the storage indexing it takes 30 seconds to come back with a distinct column value. 6 times faster..

Then I was really impressed when I used a Unique key lookup.. No index, it took 8 seconds to find the data, compared to 189 seconds. 23x faster with the Storage software.

Next I made the table parallel 64.. Now it comes back in 3 seconds (no storage software), and 1 second with storage software.. Unbelievable numbers.

One of the first things I noticed is that the Exadata makes you rethink your redo log sizes. When loading data a lot of my waits are waiting on the redo to flush out because it is so small.

All in all the storage software looks pretty impressive.


  1. Hi Bryan,

    Just curious, why load with logging?

  2. Kevin,

    We are thinking about running dataguard Synchronously. After seeing the amount of archive that can be produced in a 1 second period, I'm definately reconsidering that.
    With a Physical we will be running forced logging, so logging will have to be a reality once we go live.. I'm trying to get used to having logging on, but the difference is so incredible, I may not have the patience during our POC.