Monday, October 4, 2010

Concurrency on the Exadata

Now that I have some benchmarks, I'm starting to delve into some testing to find out how it scales up.. I started with a large table 200+ million rows.

My base query did a FTS and returned one row of data.

1 execution runs in 3 seconds (DOP 32).

Once I scale up to 100 simultaneus executions, it runs longer, but I can't figure out the average execution time (parallel query skews the numbers).

In looking at the resource usage for both the database nodes and the storage nodes, I found the database nodes are almost Idle, and the storage nodes (7 of them) are producing about 10g of data/second. The cpu usage is about 7% user and 30% wait. When looking at the AWR information, all the time is still going to I/O waits. 399 seconds out of the 444 seconds are I/O wait times.. It appears that the Exadata does fantastic for a single query.. Once you execute that single query 100 times simultaneously, the times start to slow down.

I'm going to do more experients to see how I can get it to scale up nicer :)

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