Thursday, December 12, 2013

Monitoring your Exadata health

One of the biggest topics I talk to customers about is the monitoring of your exadata health. 

The best tool for this is the Exachk (see MOS Doc ID 1070954.1)

This document contains the current Exachk release, and any new beta release that is available.

The recommendation for Exachk is to

1) Run the exachk (at a minimum) quarterly, and after any changes are made to the configuration
2) ALWAYS run the current exachk.  This script is periodically updated/improved upon so it is very important to be current
3) Keep track of any failures to ensure that you can identify any new items that appear in the report
4) A score of 80 or above is a good score for production. It is very rare to have a score that is 99+.

There are also a great whitepaper  released in Sept. 2013 (just a few months ago).

This white paper can be  here.

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